Writing Off Your Life:

The awesomeness of owning your own company and working for yourself.

From the beginning of my working career I knew that there was something better than working for someone else aka The MAN.  After graduating CU, I joined the same company that I spent a full year interning.  Day after day, I watched my boss take two-three hour lunches, showing up hours late in the morning(still in his golf attire), and leaving for who-knows what reason. I just sat there thinking I want that, I need that. Sitting in my cubicle was just not gonna work for me.

After over a year of doing this I decided I needed a change.  I want to be able to show up to work when I want and do the things that I want to do.  So I walked into my boss’s office… “I QUIT!”  And so my journey of working for myself and writing off my life began.  When starting my own business with USANA, I discovered all the perks of owning your own business.  I had no idea that many of the expenses I incurred could so easily written off.

When setting up my business, I talked to my accountant and asked what she would need from me. She told me to keep track of everything I do with my business whether it be driving to a meeting, ordering business cards, marketing materials etc. And then she mentioned the coolest part… “You can also write off entertainment.”

Looking confused I asked “What do you mean, entertainment?”  “Entertainment means anything and anytime you mention and do some type of business, it can be considered an expense!”

I don’t know how to describe it, but I felt like a kid in a candy store and with that writing off my life began.  I remember the first time I went to happy hour with a bunch of friends.  We sat there and BS’d for a few hours, discussed their jobs and their hate for Corp-o Land and eventually asked how my own business was going and BOOM, my first write off!!

From then on I knew that if I could give anyone my elevator speech (30-second business in a nutshell) that I could write that off as a business expense and wait for my huge tax return at the end of the year.  Anytime I go eat, play or travel, I could probably use as a business write off.  I have now written off “work vacations ;)” I have written off thousands of miles in gas, hundreds of dollars going out at night, and have even written off new clothes for my wardrobe!!!

Just recently, I was with three other members of TeamBoom at the Denver Nuggets game, we discussed a little about our business’s and handed out a few cards.  I just happened to run into an old friend and we discussed what each of us have been up to and this and that.  He is a golf pro at The Ridge located in Denver giving lessons.  I said “I definitely need some lessons” and he wanted to know more about my business in Health and Sports Nutrition..  So now, not only was I able to write off the expensive night at the Nuggets game. But now I am going to be able to get golf lessons, and still write that off!

BOOM!!  Think about that and start WRITING OFF YOUR LIFE TODAY!!!


TeamBoom Teammate

Disclaimer: Before you write anything off in your business, please advise a tax consultant, we are in no way providing tax advise, just the potentials of what is capable with owning your own business. Consult a tax professional.

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