Confidence is Key

It’s just that simple!  When your parents told you that when you grow up you can be anything, they were unequivocally correct.  However, it is all relative to your dissection of the conventional parental statement.  Now I am very aware that if I wanted to be the next living Superman (and I did) it wasn’t going to happen – acquiring super powers lies just outside my realm capabilities.  However, what your parents didn’t tell you, and what you must discover on your own, is that  the application of said actions require extracting the underlying theme.  What I’m getting at here is that if you put your mind to it you can, and WILL, succeed.  Most people know this but fall short.  Why?

Confidence is not inherent in all people.  Most of us exude confidence when we are familiar with the environment and our experience has proven that we can excel.  And the reason you will continue to succeed in the described arenas is because you are confident.

It is this very reason why most fall short when setting their mind to achieve a goal.  The psychological state relating to confidence has predominantly been driven by feelings of comfort arising from experience.  However, much of the time we are jarred from our comfort zones and still desire success.  Unfortunately the growth process lends us the singular experience with being confident when we know we have succeeded in the past, and therefore believing that we will again succeed.  To put it simply: We must know we are going to succeed regardless of environment.

To prepare yourself for all situations one must train their mind appropriately.  It is essential to take time to install belief in the achievement of the goal.

So once again it has come to my attention that success is contingent on confidence,  and confidence breeds success.  There is nothing more powerful than exuding confidence on those that you meet.

What does this mean exactly?  It means that you must remove negative thinking from your thought process.  You must believe in yourself and that you truly can achieve your goals.  Train your mind to be confident in message you are delivering and things will go your way.  Apply this to business and success is yours.

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