Owning your time and start enjoying life

Stop wasting all your time at work. I only work about 20-30 hours every  2 weeks. But I enjoy my time at work and obviously the rest of the time when I’m just doing whatever life throws at me.

I’m not a millionaire and I don’t have a beach house or my own mountain lab. There isn’t a lamborgini parked in my driveway and there for sure isn’t some private jet waiting for me to fly anywhere I want, but what I do have is my TIME.

Do you have your time? Or are you spending all of it at work?

STOP.. There has to be a way for you to be able to afford the things you like to do and have the time to do those things without a silly thing like your job to get in the way.

Let your Time and your jobs work for you. I say jobs because only having one is your first mistake.    Having one job is like putting all your eggs in one basket. What happens if you get laid off? Or your position is no longer needed or filled by a younger version of you?  Whether you work 9-5 in a desk position a corporation or your slinging hamburgers at your local fast food chain. Start figuring out another way to produce income for your self.

5 Jobs that will allow you to own your time and start enjoying life:

1. Own your own business

2. Own your own business

3. Own your own business

4. Own your own business.

5. Own your own business

Now why did I just write 0wn your own business 5 times. Because whether you have one successful business or a great investment working for you. The best way to own your own time is to be generating your own money by proving a service for a client rather than getting paid on a percentage of someone else’s larger percentage.

For example, if you get paid hourly than your time is only worth your wage. But if you own your job that your time is worth the service your are providing. If your work for a gym and they pay you $11 dollars and hour you only got paid 11 bucks for your last hour training session , where if you were your own boss you would of made the entire $75 dollars the client paid the gym for the session.

Start working smarter not harder.

Take your hobbies to the extreme and start getting paid….