why kids should play sports?

besides the obvious reasons of motor skill development and we too loved the game . children’s involvement in sports promotes cooperative play teamwork and good sportsmanship.

the student athlete receives more than just  the  qualities of a great person but als learns skills that will push him or her further into life. for instance, the will refine their gross motor skills  and develop discipline to  help them set and active their goals.  playing sports no matter what game , children learn they do not always get what they want sometimes you win and sometimes  you lose. By learning to be a good sport children are able to handle disappointment much easier and move on with life.

Another great thing sports do for children is provide them with the proper exercise to keep them, healthy.  Exercise increases quality life and children who exercise in childhood are likely to take these healthy habits into adulthood. not only are children in sports healthier physically but also socially and mentally . they have a positive body image , high self esteem and less likely to be overweight

Boom sports are fun , they promote high self esteem in kids , they promote physical fitness , socialization, and create friendships that will last a lifetime..