A Boom snack

Here is your healthy snack alternative of the week brought to you by Boom Sports.

All kids love to snack and the best way to help their snacking habits is to provide them with something that is not only tasty, but also healthy for them. A healthy snack is jammed packed with antioxidants, good carbohydrates, good fats and good proteins.

Processed foods and quick snack alternatives don’t have the ingredients your child needs to supports their growing body and active lifestyles.

So what do you choose? Fruits and vegetables and local peanut butter or sunbuttter . Boom chooses The sunbutter – a even better choice than peanut butter SB is higher in protein and fats with less calories than PB. Just compare the labels and see for yourself .

One more Boom tip of the week:When you go grocery shopping with your kids , give them a task(s) that they can handle for the age or help them if they are younger . For example, tomorrow help them pick out today’s snack. Which would be the sunbutter and apples from the picture above , there are so many apples let them pick a couple out for the week. And help him
Find the sunbutter. Always make it fun!

BoomSHABoom recipe
(Sunbutter, Apple, Honey)
2 apples
Local honey
Sun Butter or local Peanut butter