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Sustaining life by Entrepreneurial, Mindfulness and Permaculture techniques.

A look @ our 35 acres looking East!

Welcome to A Boom (Permaculture) Life: Hi my name is Traci Mitchell and my husband Guy and I our successful Entrepreneurs and Permaculture Designers. We own a Company called Boom Inc. that sustains our life and helps us pursue our goals of homesteading and living off grid applying permaculture techniques every chance we get. We purchased our 35 acre plot of land in 2013 in Agate, CO and had a tiny house built in September of 2015 , we officially moved in June 2016 and have been living off-grid ever since.

As the New Year begins, we will be blogging and vlogging our projects to help others keep motivated to follow their dreams of applying permaculture principles into their lives. Whether you live in the middle of no where or in an urban environment, our hopes is that in some way we can impact you with the information we have to offer.

A boom life is about teaching people how to boom their life and now more then ever do I realize it’s not only possible, but this lifestyle is sustainable, when we remember to be mindful and apply permaculture techniques to ever aspect of life . Permaculture is not just about permanent agriculture through mimicking and implementing closed-looped systems found in nature; it also encourages that we live in a way stacking life’s goals, functions and systems to organize our lives to sustain happiness and positivity for all who cross our path.

The Goals of this blog have and always will be: (1)To help others learn about how to own their life. To take it a step further by adding and offering mindfulness and sustainable lifestyle choices via daily permaculture implementation. (2)To help meet our life goals and life goals of others (3)To be a knowledge seeker and to make learning fun for others and ourselves.

So what is Boom Inc? Boom Inc. is the vehicle that powers our lives. We have several different streams of income and we encourage all entrepreneurs to do the same and not put all your eggs in one basket, but to create multiple revenue platforms. Currently, Boom Inc.’s mainstream of income is Boom Sports – a traveling youth sports company offering soccer, basketball, flag-football, yoga, and gardening classes for ages 18 months to 10 years old out of preschools, churches, and recreation centers; we have operated and ran Boom Sports since October 2009, but more on this business in a later blog post. Boom Inc. is an S-Corp and encourages us as entrepreneurs to umbrella our lifestyle services to grow our company. We will be starting our online business this year doing affiliate work with multitude of vendors and I am excited to help others follow me on this journey to build a recurring income online marketing services we love and use while providing valuable content about entrepreneurial tips, mindfulness and health strategies along with homesteading, off-grid living systems, and permaculture techniques.

With the goals laid out for the new year, I would like to talk about , how to stay focused in life and on top of your game. We all know Life moves fast, how do we slow it down to stay organized and meet our goals? One easy answer – With our breath. If only I would of been informed of this as a young teen growing up 15 years ago, I feel a whole lot of hiccups could of been avoided. Our breath harnesses everything; if we take the time to notice . We can control time with our breath and make every moment important. Our breath brings us back to the present moment , where the past and future does not matter. Our breath brings us back to what matters — being present and alive!

Take a deep breath

Mediation has become a big part of my life to help calm me down , alleviate stress and bring to light what is important all while sitting and doing nothing. My personal mindfulness goals are to meditate twice a day for 15 minutes each session working my way up to 25 minute sessions and to try new platforms of meditation; i.e. Calm app, headspace app, walking meditations, candle meditations, etc. Last year we meditated at least once or twice a week , but now it’s time to get serious. I have noticed on days I meditate, I can attack problems quicker and that I have a calm, collective, creative mind-frame all day making it easier to solve problems; which is something we all need as Entrepreneurs.

Take another deep breath

Now that we can remember to breath – Now it time to start living , by doing what makes you happy. We get so caught up in what doesn’t matter, it makes it easy to forget what really does: being alive and being happy while your heart is still beating. So many of us our content with going through the motions, stuck at jobs or in situations we don’t like because it’s all we know. We all put ourselves in to the predicament we are in, yes, some of us get a better start in life then others; but, when it is all said and done we all have the day ahead of us when we open our eyes in the mornings to be grateful for what we have and go after what we want. So, put a smile and do you and remember it’s what we do with each breath that counts.

No one likes to be told what to do and the best and hardest part about being your own boss and being a successful one is telling yourself what to do and committing to it. The best advice I ever received is failure is the first step towards success . You don’t have to fail to succeed, but seeing a failure as just the next step is how we can make life enjoyable even through the sticky parts .

This blog for 2017 is going to help anyone looking for information on off-grid living tips, mindfulness techniques, sustainable life choices and everything permaculture related. I truly believe implementing permaculture techniques into your life whether you are an accountant , truck driver, athlete , farmer or anyone who breaths air will benefit with a healthier, happier life with themselves and others. So, let’s get going we have a lot of topics we would like to cover this year and my husband Guy and I are prepared to bring out the info and let you decided for yourself what information you need to make your life better, more mindful, and sustainable thus happier.

So, how did we get here? How did we go from trying to be network marketers in boulder out of college with Psychology BAs to sustainable off grid tiny-house entrepreneurial permaculture designers and coaches living on 35 acres in the prairie sides of Colorado? Many many articles, books and documentaries were absorbed during the college years that were not apart of our psychology curricula – articles ranging from health and nutrition tips to mind techniques to biodynamics and environmental movements and then, suddenly boom – Garbage Warrior came into our lives in 2010 and Mike Reynolds changed our lives forever . If you haven’t seen this documentary , click here to watch it for free on YouTube and get an insight into alternative building options you didn’t know existed and maybe you too will start heading down this permaculture lifestyle, if you haven’t already.

Changing is hard and it starts with breaking your habits that are holding you back and please don’t expect yourself to do it all at once. Did you know it takes a minimum of 21 days to break/build a habit. So I suggest only try one thing first and keep adding to it – Here are some suggestions: Meditate for 10 minutes once a week and work up to everyday; Bring reusable bags when you go shopping anywhere, not just the grocery store; Ask for no straws when you go out to eat; Buy a reusable drinking cup; Stop buying shit you don’t need, we live in a consumer based world, more then ever do we have the purchasing power or lack of purchases if you commit now to living a more minimalistic life; When eating out, only order enough so you don’t need a box to take home; Journal More ( I use the Daily Greatness journal, this company offers multiple types for your journal needs from well-being, to yoga, to parenting and businesss builder. I use the Yoga Journal and the business Journal to stay on top of my game; here is a discount code for 5%: http://dailygreatnessusa.refr.cc/LTWQN2D ); Cut out disposable plastics all together; Plant something; Change your lawn into a garden; etc. Set goals and don’t let fear or procrastination hold you back, no fear, no limits, no reaction, just thoughts, breath and action.

How does making eco-friendly decisions make us successful entrepreneurs? I believe, living mindfully sets us on a path towards least resistance. By trying to make decisions that are better for the world ultimately makes our lives better. Why does being mindful make our life better? There is too much happening that is out of our control being mindful helps one realize we can only control the decisions we make and control the actions of ourselves not others. So best words to live by according to Gandhi- “Be the change you wish to see in the world”and it starts with the little stuff . Be the poster child of your life! Please subscribe to our blog to keep updated on our homestead and to get suggestions on how you too can boom your life.

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