Power up your Brain with Podcasts instead of Radio on the Road!

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 10.22.39 AM.pngIf you are still listening to the radio on your morning commute in to work or on long Road trips, what are you thinking? In my twenties it was always about the next best Album. There is always more than enough opportunities/time for music and we all know when we need to Jam out to our favorite hits and guilty pleasures be that Mariah Carey or Metal Music. But if you want to expand your Brain? Which I feel we can all use more of, Podcasts are the answer. So many choices and so little time as far as I am concerned. Here is a list of Podcasts , My husband, Guy and I listen to every week during our commute into work from funny to serious and all things in between.

  • The Joe Rogan Experience –  Joe is the man to listen to every week, if not a couple times a week, he puts together mastermind conversations with amazing humans, doing amazing things.  Joe is one of the best interviewers because he allows time for a conversation to take place, everyone naturally expresses themselves on various topics. There is not one dimension to Joe, if you want just MMA he has a special show for that. If you don’t want to start with this weeks episodes go back to #1035 with Paul Stamets on 11/7/2017 and have your mind completely blown by the Mycologist guru.   
  • Bodega Boys – These two dudes from the Bronx are a crack up, if you can get past there 5 minute nickname aka intro spiel. If you can it is well worth it. Daily Podcasts providing hilarious commentary to keep you on track with all pop culture news.
  • Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast – Just listen and laugh. He even makes his commercial reads funny as ________.
  • How I Built this with Guy Raz – Find out how Successful Companies and their owners built their companies from the ground up.
  • REWILD YOURSELF – Daniel Vitalis encompasses the true meaning of a localvore. Every week he provides his listeners with cool ideas on how to survive in nature, with nature.
  • The Tim Ferris show –  He always seems to get some pretty descent people to come on his show but unlike Joe , Tim sets up all his podcasts in Q & A format and sometimes the talks come off unnatural and boring; however , the information you get from his interviewees can be very rewarding, inspirational and helpful to say the least.  His recent Interview on Episode #287 12/20/2017 with Terry Crews is amazing but that is because Terry Crews is one of a kind as well as both interviews he did with Arnold Schwarzenegger Episodeds #60 and #216.
  • Sustainable World Radio – Permaculture and Ecology Podcast. Jill Cloutier provides great information and podcasts with people around the world trying to do better for our planet.
  • Under the skin with Russel Brand – I have only listened to it a couple of times and it is informative and entertaining. His book Revolution is amazing, I suggest listening to the audio version because he narrates it.  He also has a new book out Recovery but I have yet to read it.
  • Waking up with Sam Harris & Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History – These are on my todo list of podcasts to listen to.
  • On Being with Kirsta Tippet – I need to listen to this podcast more too. Go back to her 11/12/2015 interview with LISA RANDALL on Dark Matter and the Astounding Interconnectedness of Everything. Another Mind blowing podcast!
  • Depends what you are in the mood for : My favorite Murder with Karen & Georgia  investigate ridiculous murderous with these two in there own non-detective but comedic ways; Nock on provides bow hunting tips, Ted Radio Hour breaks down a topic with several different ted talks.
  • Plus some many more Power people putting out Podcasts!

Hopefully you have a good idea now on where to start your podcast listening. Please comment  with any podcasts you think are awesome or that needs to be included in this list for Podcast rookies who are making the switch from radio to podcasts.

Make it a Booming Day!