Permaculture needs Meditation


If we want to change the world we must change ourselves first 

We sit to be , We sit to feel, We sit to do, We sit to love, We sit to speak, We sit to see , We sit to understand. @Traconanda

Meditation when done properly is something that never stops. Living mindfully in our breath, in our actions, in our intentions leads to the ultimate human – one who connects to source, walks with the source and becomes the source – connecting all living things into their hearts and actions. In order for us to save the planet we must save our selves using Permaculture principles. If we can start our day out mindfully, and let positive intentions be the guide, that is what it takes to do permaculture – mindful movements and peaceful actions.  So Permaculture like meditation when done properly is something that never stops.

What is permaculture and why does it need mediation? The shortest definition I can think of for Permaculture is “People Care, Earth Care, Fair Share” @Jill Cloutier from Sustainable World Radio – Permaculture and Ecology Podcast.

If you would like more in depth definitions of Permaculture and it’s principles here is great article I found that breaks it all down. I will be using some of their images and the 12 principles to show how one can apply the principles into a meditation practice which would help instill Permaculture in and around our daily lives.  Introduction to Permaculture Workshop – Presented by Vella Rose.

When I think of people care , I think of how we could all do a little more self love to spread more love into this world. If we could do this our positive intentions would be on auto-pilot into are actions and we would be more aware of how much impact we have on this world. So, Priority number one – take care of self so we can take care of the world around us; “The World” includes all its inhabitants and the care and protection of the Earth. Once we have done that there won’t be a need for monetary gain just Fair Share of all the abundance.

I believe it starts with daily Meditation and with all of us and our morning routine, no one is ever guaranteed tomorrow, so wake up with a smile, take 10 minutes to scan over your body and all it glory and miracles. You are an amazing human and you woke up TODAY- SMILE DAMN IT – You came from GOD and have the ability to do any thing you want; so stop wasting time with excuses and watching others live. Feel free to share your story but don’t get caught up in the back seat. Life needs more people getting out of line and – DOING but doing with intention and loving-kindness. We need better humans, who care about what they are doing on this planet and how it effects The World.

Now why is meditation relevant when it comes to Permaculture and applying its principles. Permaculture is a constant thing you can not just switch it on and off, just like meditation. Yes we can choose to take the time to sit for 10 to 20 minutes or not but if we do than we can take what we learn during that time and carry it out into our daily actions. Permaculture involves observation before interaction, watching before acting, being in nature and not imposing on nature and enhancing natures functions with our functions. Essentially, working with nature as oppose to against it  and if we can meditate every day, we work with ourselves and not against ourselves. When we slow down our breath we can act with intention in all our movements and actions. Whether its at your computer when you become more mindful to how you are sitting, or did you drink enough water today, did you perform a random acting of kindness by giving instead of receiving or hold a door for someone, or even did you grab your re-usable bag and water bottle to create zero waste throughout your day, little things like this can make your performance sky rocket and enhance the world around you. Mindful movements and peaceful actions. Same applies with Permaculture, these principles can basically be applied into any field – rejuvenating and amplify the outcomes.  Join in by observing what is needed, and then mindfully apply tactics and functions that will enhance everyone in that area around you.

Here are the 12 principles of Permaculture and in order to successfully utilize this principles in our environment and world around us we should start by practicing these 12 principles within and on our meditation cushion.

(1)Observe and Interact – If we can do this within we can do it in all of our actions.   (2) Catch and Store Energy – we must mimic our inside systems outside of us – humans are some of the most efficient beings on earth when the mind and body are used correctly. We must apply this into our environment with our daily actions. (3)Obtain a yield –  if we can care about ourselves and the earth as much as we care about media there would be an abundance for all and not a shortage. (4) Apply Self Regulation and Accept Feedback –  If you can have self control, admit when you are wrong, and accept feedback from others this can be applied to all avenues in life. (5) Use and Value Renewable Resources and Services –  Be Grateful for life and it’s self-sustaining systems. Don’t over use, you have everything you need. (6) Produce No Waste – No need for excess plus humans are the only living species with an open-loop system – we need to be more aware of our actions and the waste we produce and what happens to it.  (7) Design From Patterns to Details – the early bird gets the worm this hold true in nature as well as in day to day life. What do you do ever morning to jumpstart your day?           (8) Integrate Rather Than Segregate – we need more communities working together seeing each other as connected as opposed to individuals living in little boxes on the hill side made of ticky tacky.  (9) Use Small and Slow Solutions –  We are living in a fast pace world but slow and steady can win the race if we take the time to put the right systems in place and not just do something for sake of doing it.  (10) Use and Value Diversity – Know your Why, and allow others to know theirs. Than value those whys to accomplish a common goal of peace, happiness, and abundance. (11) Use Edges and Value the Marginal – we are all connected, when entering new places, take a second to see how you can connect with the people around you and your environment. Don’t scroll through life with your head down, looking at your phone.  (12)Creatively Use and Respond to Change – If we could all take 10 mins to breath everyday, and nothing else –  you will see your ability to respond to every moment in this changing universe in a much more peaceful, cool and collected way.

Here is a look at the Zones of  permaculture and how they compare to our chakra system. (By taking time and observing each chakras like we need to in permaculture with each Zone we can see how much it would help to have all of our energy sources activated to fully connect to each zones needs and abilities )

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 8.27.58 PM

If we can see our chakras like the zones in permaculture; we can start to relate to what is going on inside us and applying to our outside actions in this world. (1) Activating your root chakra, will help your ground and connect to the universe to serve yourself and others. (2) Activating our sacral chakras and our sensual organs allows us to connect to our need and our environment needs. (3) Opening up your solar plexus allows you to take positive action off your mat and into the world – where sometimes if feels we have zero control and management over the outside world. (We have more control and impact than we think with each every action) (4) Activating our heat chakra we see how important is to love our selves so we can love and positively impact the world around us. (5) Find expansion in your throat allows you to see the truth without having to say anything or do anything or feel like we have say anything at all. (6) Heading up to our third eye chakra we will find that nature will takes it’s course for better or worse regardless of our actions. However we see clearly how important is to work with nature as oppose to against and sometimes it is best to just let it be. (7) Reaching our crown chakra and opening up we can bring understanding into our true being and what we are suppose to do in this lifetime.

The Permaculture Flower must be open and have all systems activated to be able to integrate and have abundant systems across the board.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 8.28.57 PM.png

Just like how we must open up our Lotus flower with the 5 layers of our being. Our Koshas are like petals to a lotus flower our spiritual essence and bliss body can be obtained when we are fully open and connected with all our layers.

I leave you with words from Gandhi:

Be the change you want to see in this world


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