Take 5 for Friday – 1/12/2018

Bonus: I will take a sunrise picture every Friday! Here is one from 7am today!

Starting this year , every Friday we will provide you with 5 awesome things we did or used this week or plan on doing the next week to boom our life. So Check it out Aboomlife presents – Take 5 For Friday:

(1.)Podcast we listened to this week: Since we live on 35 acres an hour outside our our day job, we have lots of time to be listening to something. Music is nice, but podcasts keep the brain engaged and helps keep us informed and actively learning everyday. So here our the podcasts of the week: Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast on Thursday; &  #937 The Joe Rohan experience – Justin Wren – ecosurvival.com amazing human and belator fighter , pachasoap.com .  Justin wrote a book about his mission to provide working wells to people without potable water.  Fight for the Forgotten  is his book depicting what he has done so far. He has help over 172,000 people in he Congo have access to fresh water for the first time in their lives by drilling wells in different villages. If you would like to help his mission go to https://www.water4.org/fightfortheforgotten to donate now! Check out this episode to learn more about this incredible soul. & This week Episode#1062 from 1/10/18 with Dan Harris and Jeff Warren they talk about how amazing meditation is and getting over your fears.

(2.) Product We use every week: Pro Bar Meal (Chocolate and Coconut flavor) So delicious and great meal replacement when your in a time crunch or don’t feel like whipping up a power breakfast or lunch or dinner.  Kombucha (the more local the better) and Turmeric temple elixirs!   Plus Onnit Vitamins – Joe Rogan endorses this company and I haven’t felt better on the TPC – Total Primate Care vitamin packs.

(3.)Cool Journals I Use – I Journal every day as an Entrepreneur; it helps me stay organized, and lay down anything I need to so I don’t forget something important. It also helps you remember your dreams and keeps the creative juices flowing which is always a good things as someone who is always trying to diversify. So a couple apps I use. Reminders on the iPhone , great way to not forget something you can set a time or location setting to have the reminder pop up when you need it to.   Life app for Women. Help monitor diet, weight, daily events, fertility, etc. The Hardcopy journal that I started using in 2017 that I think has helped me the most is the Daily Expert Journal. I really do think writing down your thoughts as oppose to typing is necessary to form more brain connections.  The creator of the book made 5 different versions for whatever your need whether it is weight loss, parenting, business minded or a yoga journal, the book helps you stay in on what you are needing and helps you achieve your daily, weekly, 90 day, and yearly goals. Click here for 5% of your next order: http://dailygreatnessusa.refr.cc/LTWQN2D. I use the yoga and business daily expert journals and I recommend both they help me stay motivated to keep striving towards my goals in this fast-paced life.

New Journals I started using this year our from the company ink + volt and Habit nest. The ink + volt journal is for daily organization and monthly goal achievement. I am liking the layout and ease of the journal. Here is the link for this journal <https://inkandvolt.com> I also started this Morning Side kick journal by habit nest. That is helping me write this blog and start a more habit/transformational morning routine. Here is the link to the Morning Side Kick Journal <https://shop.habitnest.com>

(4.) JUST LIST IT:  5 tips to use Craigslist and avoid the SCAMMERS: WE LOVE CRAIGSLIST. We might even name our kid Craig we love it so much! We use it all the time for free stuff, meeting each other (yes that is right we met on craigslist), listing a rental unit, finding great deals on construction materials, to job listings. We Use it because it works and it a basically free platform that gets you connected with people offering and looking. So here are 5 tips we have learned over the years of using craigslist.  1. Know your market – Craigslist is full of good and bad people know that in the back of your mind every time your making a deal, if something seems weird or fishy – IT IS!  (2) Use your gut and protect yourself, make sure you see the product or have spoken with the person that you are doing business with. (3) If you are going to meet someone , come with a friend or the very least make sure someone knows what you are doing and where you are going and to inform that authorities if they don’t hear from you in a couple hours – Don’t forget to tell them that you are safe (4) Show up when you say you are going to show up for a meeting with someone and be punctual in your response. (5) Avoid elaborate deals.

(5.) @TheBoomstead Project of the week: Monday we finished digging the remains holes for out kitchen garden. We thought we were only going to dig 2 but we finished all 6. Boomstead Projects to be completed: Now we just need wrap the 5 foot metal fencing around it to keep out the bunnies and the dears. Finish planning the 2018 garden , what seeds we have & need to order, and plants/trees we need to order to be ready for spring. Order our first beekeeping beginners kit and bees.   We also hope to go pick up clay to make the Cob from our neighbors clay mine down the street soon so we can start preparing the cob for the cob oven workshop we will have in a month (if the weather  allows it)