5 Mantras and Mudras For Monday – plus Recipe for Yum Tea!

Snowy Monday Morning @theboomstead (Check out the Kitchen Garden fence behind the hoop house . It is almost finished – just need to add the bunny fence around the base and gate it up)

Did you know I am are powerful words in the English language and what words you use after them allow you to gain empowerment over discourse in one’s life. Chaotic times call for confidence and control over one’s actions. As Permaculture-Entrepreneurs I find great direction in my daily life when I repeat mantras I have found that keep me motivated to get the job done and achieve our goals. Now remember what ever words you decide to say after I am is what defines you.

I am kind, cool, collected and calm. I am loving-kindness. I am Peace. I am a Permaculture-Entrepreneur who synergistically stacks all functions to solve problems and achieve goals.  I am a bee-keeper (I have not raised my first bees yet but I believe it to be true which makes the reality of it happening that much closer; of course it takes the right knowledge and tools to achieve this goal but I am a beekeeper reminds me to ask “what do I need to do today to get me that much closer to raising bees or being apart of the bee-community?” Planting bee-friendly flowers is also a start towards bee-keeping; meeting with a geek-keeper, watching bee videos on youtube, it doesn’t necessarily have to be hives…yet!)

I am That I am – from the Moses Code by James F. Twyman (if you have not read this book , its  pretty good , I read it a long time ago, I might go back and read it but it describes how Moses used this Mantra in his daily life) I am That I Am is my main power mantra when it comes to centering myself and calming my self down when fear, anxiety arises in the heat of the moment. I also like this mantra for finding the energy during times of need. If you are afraid and needing courage. Breath in,  I am, breath out,  that I am, 5 times and just feel direct source energy, power, strength and clarity brought to you in the present moment.

OM Ami Dewa Hrih – is the sacred mantra of Amitabha (Amitayus) Buddha which protects you from obstacles and dangers and overcomes all hindrances to your success. This mantra should not be used half-heatedly – I will constantly be learning and discovering new things about it and myself by using it.  It is one of my favorite mantras to say when I am making Malas because who wouldn’t want a little help getting through difficult times.  I love repeating this mantra when we are digging holes on the land or doing “heavy-lifting” on the land. I feel great energy saying it and it makes the task at hand seem achievable, fun and easy. To learn more about this mantra go here: < http://www.awakeningstate.com/spiritual-awakening/om-ami-dewa-hrih-amitabha-buddha-mantra/>

Om Mani Padme Hum – The Compassion MudraSay out loud or silently to oneself, invokes the powerful benevolent attention and blessings of Chenrezig, the embodiment of compassion. The benefits of reciting this mantra are infinite, it contains the essence of all Dharma, one who chants this mantra will see the effect of transforming the mind into a good heart full of compassion. For more info on this mantra go here: https://fpmt.org/education/teachings/lama-zopa-rinpoche/the-benefits-of-chanting-om-mani-padme-hum/>

Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung – This is the ultimate Mantra healing tool. This healing mantra is used to pray for healing energy for our friends, family, and ourselves. Kundalini Yoga practitioners have been using this meditation for the last four and a half decades. Try it when you want to send healing energy to a loved one or need healing yourself. Practicing the mudra properly will optimize the energy flow and will make your meditation experience all the more potent.  Go here to find out how to perform the healing meditation with this mudra:  <https://www.3ho.org/kundalini-yoga/mantra/ra-ma-da-sa-sa-say-so-hung-ultimate-healing-tool>


My favorite Mantra Song with The Boom Yoga Kids – I am Happy, I am Good, Estoy Feliz, Estoy Bien,  Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Namji, Waje Guru, wahe Guru, Wahe Guruji.

(We sing this song sitting down changing hand mudras to the words and we have a sun-salutation aka TheSeed to move to this song)

There are Mudras for everything but here are 5:

Chin Mudra/Jnana mudra Consciousness Seal – This mudra connects us to our higher Self, helps lift dull energy, creates a more receptive state, calms the mind, and brightens the overall mood. It is often used in meditation, pranayama, and asana. <https://www.yogajournal.com/poses/chin-mudra 3/15/2017> According to Yoga Journal the index finger represent our limited self and our thumb represents our expanding self by connecting the we find our universal self.


Lotus Mudra/Padma Mudra  – Lotus Seal – Draw inspiration from this hand gesture representing the purity and perseverance of the lotus flower floating above the muddy waters of desire, fear, and attachment. <https://www.yogajournal.com/poses/padma-mudra 3/7/17> Bring Light into darkness and love into hate with this mudra.


Hakini Mudra – Power Seal  – Rule the power of the mind and further your thinking concentration. The Hakini Mudra is associated with the third-eye chakra and aids in opening. Need to come up with a few good ideas, or multi-tasking and facing a lot of mental-work this mudra is it. Improve your brain efficiency this mudra coordinates the right and left hemispheres of the brain, and promotes calmness. Hakini mudra also develops one’s connection with the third eye chakra and promotes intuition. Boost memory power; Forget no more with Hakini mudra.  <http://stylesatlife.com/articles/hakini-mudra/>


Turtle in the Shell Mudra/ Kashyapa Mudra – mudra for balance and protection against negative energies. Great mudra for calming and grounding oneself. Bring balance and good to use when in a conflict situation.  <http://learningdays.tumblr.com/post/36133295668/kashyapa-mudra-mudra-for-balance-and-protection>


Linga Mudra – (Mudra of Heat) – Upright Seal –  Builds heat in the body, fire up your passion, energizes and increases the fire element in the body. Thumb represents fire element. Linga Mudra .The fire element is the major component of health and sexual energy. <https://www.completenaturecure.com/linga-mudra-benefits/>


YUM TEA RECIPE: It’s been a snowy cold Monday here on the boomstead and I started my morning routine off with a 10 minute Meditation, quick yoga flow and some Yum Tea. A quick delicious mix up of water, lemon, local-honey cinnamon and apple cider-vinegar, Just heat, stir and serve – Today I added a pack of Four Sigmatic Lion’s Mane Mushroom Elixir. It was a great brain booster to the yumminess!