Boom your Brain with Mantras!

It will be short and sweet today but I find sometimes it is better to share others information than to keep regurgitating the same information. I came across this crazy tweet today by @Steven_kotler Which sparked the idea for this blog post this Tuesday!

James Hartzell has discovered how we can increase our Brain function and capacity by reciting ancient Sanskrit mantras. In this article A Neuroscientist Explores the “Sanskrit Effect”  MRI scans show that memorizing ancient mantras increases the size of brain regions associated with cognitive function. By finding these larger areas of gray matter in the practitioners brains makes researchers believe that we could start incorporating chanting into brain recovery programs or into Alzheimer prevention. There needs to be more research into other languages but the benefits will only increase with practice and consistency. Here is the link to the full article by James Hartzell:

Honestly, I feel the vibrations in yoga class and in my kids yoga class when we can all successfully chant or  “OM” together. Check out this article The Power of Chanting Om by Kim Logan.  <> Kim breaks down the history, power and secrets of Om and how to successful chant Om.

And This last article breaks down 5 Powerful Sanskrit Mantras For Healing and Peace:  Being an American English speaker I struggle with Sanskrit pronunciation when I am just reading it; so it is nice to find articles and videos that will play the chant to be able to hear the pronunciation. It is also nice to sit back and meditate with these chants and allow them to just flow into your being. If you are struggling with pronunciation of a certain Sanskrit word don’t be afraid to google or youtube the mantra.


Hopefully by now you have learned how you can Boom your brain and life with mantras!

Sunset Monday Night 1/22/2018