Be there for the Bees. Please!

Did you know Bees are responsible for Cross-pollination which helps at least 30 percent of the world’s crops and 90 percent of our wild plants to thrive?  Without bees to spread seeds, many plants—including food crops—would die off.   <> Go here to find out more information on why we need bees. So what are you doing to be there for the bees? They depend on each of us as much as we depend on them.


Here is a poem to help you find out how you can be there for the bees. 

Be there for the Bees

You don’t need to bee keep

To be there for the bees

The bees will be there for you if you bee there for their knees,

Be there for the bees

By planting some trees, flowers and milkweeds.

Be there for the bees.


Bees bee buzzing to pollinate our earth ,

Don’t swat at them you might get hurt.

Be there for the bees

By allowing them to pollinate and forage as they please

Gathering up that sweet sweet pollen around their being

Oh the bees knees!

Be there for the bees.


Just plant the pollinator friendly variety

& The bees will be there for you and me.

If you still want to bee keep than start with one hive

And see if the bees jive

With the place you have picked for them to go for it.

Be there for the bees

By letting them have space to be buzzin’ up in the trees and seeking flowers as they need.

Be there for the bees

by offering shade, fresh water and a langstroth hive home.

Be there for the bees

by making sure the Queen is pleased.

Happy Queen, Happy Bees to make that honey cheese.

Be there for the bees and we will have all the food we need.

Be there for the bees – PLEASE!


P.S. We plan to start our first hive this year @theboomstead. We need to order bees and our hive soon.  I will write a blog post for how to get started in beekeeping for us rooks!

We got to visit a Denver Bee Keeper in 2016 – she believes in glove free bee keeping which we are excited to do ourselves.

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