Take 5 for Friday 1-26-18

Sunrise from 1/26/18

Take 5 for Friday :

(1) Podcast of the week: 

Coming down from Breckenridge on Monday we caught up on some Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcasts, episodes from 1/19 and 1/22 — just a great way to kick back on the road and let the man shoot the shit with you – don’t have expectations from this ginger F”&$; you never know what he is gonna do.

The Joe Rogan Experience: 

All woman line up for episodes we listened to with @joerogan this week:

#Episode 794 with Miesha Tate; we went back in the archives for this conversation from May 5, 2016. Miesha was the female UFC bantamweight champ last year and is another badass female getting shit done on the reg.

#JRE #013 – MMA SHOW #13 WITH ROSE NAMAJUNAS & PAT BARRY: What an awesome talk!!!! And Rose -The Thug – The champ – and A sincere genuine human.  Great Interview with Joe – Excited to see what this badass woman is going to do next at only 25 years old she is already the UFC strawweight champion and set to defend title vs. Joanna Jedrzejczyk in rematch at UFC 223 in april. She has plans to retire and become a farmer by 30, but who knows if she is still crushing it in the octagon – there really would be more reason to quit.  If you watch Rose fight she is gutless  – doesn’t hold back and that is exciting that this type of person can carry that energy into other fields – She has helped build Earthships and has inspiring goals to bring local food back to the neighborhoods. BOOM to the champ @rosenamajunas!

Episode #1067 1/23/18 with Whitney Cummings – Joe and her both comedians talk about her new movie and what is going down in Hollywood in terms of sex scandals and the woman’s march. Plus more funny business.

Serial Entrepreneur 1/21/2018 episode: Guy Rauss interviews entrepreneurs and amazing humans doing badass things.

This week was with Marcia Kilgore and the history of her successful NY based skin care company called Bliss and how she turned $300 to $50 million when she sold Bliss in 2004 and plus 4 more successful companies she started after that. She recommends the book Originals – and how one thing successful Entrepreneurs do is they always have more than one job they are doing, so if something flops you always have a secure job to fall back on.

(2) Products we use @theboomstead:

Grubblies – dried black soldier fly larva for an Awesome protein supplement for our chooks! http://www.grubblyfarms.com

Dr. Bronner soap and or other plant based biodegradable soap – being that we only create grey water on the boomstead ; we need to be aware of the soap we use so we don’t build up too much sodium into our soil via the greywater basin. That we need to revamp this year with some new plants – we have had weed takeover. But our aspen appear to be alive and kickin

Me Undies – THE SOFTEST, most comfiest underwear I have ever own. Match your partner or don’t – but these undies get shipped to your house one a month and they offer socks too. I also brought their every day bra and it is by far the most comfiest sport bra I own – light weight , little fabric, not constrictive and oh so soft. Click here to Get 20% off you first order

(3) Permaculture Must Reads:

Gaia’s Garden A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture 2nd edition by Toby Hemenway (if you haven’t heard of permaculture this is a great book to start with and it will get you hooked too all thing permaculture.

The Resilient Farm and Homestead: An Innovative Permaculture and Whole Systems Design Approach  by Ben Falk ( I am currently reading this book and guy has finished it; Ben Falk is awesome and you can learn a lot from him and his techniques on his permaculture homestead lifestyle in Vermont and his company Whole Systems Designs; check out his website http://www.wholesystemsdesign.com/who-we-are  or give him a follow @bencfalk)

The Winter Harvest Handbook Year-Round Vegetable production using deep-organic techniques and unheated greenhouses by Eliot Coleman (Great book on how to harvest and grow food in the winter/year-round using various style greenhouses)

(4)People on Instagram booming life every damn day and must follows: 

@ibra_acro_boy pro acrobat that tumbles for days and @bagels_payne red bull pro tricking athlete – this freaky flipper will blow your freaking mind.

(5) Whats going down at the boomstead? 

It’s been cold since we came back on Monday from a weekend Shredding in Breckenridge. We came back to Frozen Pipes (literally ice sickles were coming out of the faucets – good thing we open up the lines when we leave or we would of had some way bigger problems),  the Tiny house at 31 F degrees because the thermostat remote’s batteries died, and snow all over the chicken coop – poor chooks but they are tough old birds. We pushed out the snow and gave them a new set of hemp bedding, put new batteries in the remote (which we should of done when the warning light came on) and set it to 70 degrees ; it basically took the rest of the day to heat the house back up. We basically went all week with out running water, thank god for the 3 gallon water jugs for drinking, composting toilet and our parents for letting us shower at their house. (If we didn’t have access to my parents house, we have already discussed getting a gym membership for times like this, but again my parents have a shower and a pretty badass gym we can use at their house in lone tree when we are in town for coaching Boom Sports)

So no projects happened this week ; just booming life one day at a time with our day job boom sports, setting huge intentions in my meditation and yoga practice ( I am trying to complete 108 days in a row)  Projects to come: Help our neighbors set up their kitchen garden and finish our kitchen garden. Finish Cob Oven once the nice weather comes.

And checkout Guy’s blog coming next week on Planning your own Kitchen Garden. 

Just saw a pack of pronghorns on our way into work this AM. ( I wasn’t quick enough to grab a pic)  One of the amazing experiences we get to have on the road instead of sitting in Denver i-25 traffic

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