5 Mudras for Monday 1-29-18

Mudras,  if you didn’t read our last Monday Mudra blog go check it out for More mudra madness,  but Mudra means seal, mark, or gesture. They are used in hinduism, Buddhism and during the practice of pranayama in yoga. You don’t havre to be religious to practice mudras but you might find your spiritual side start to change when you start using mudras in your daily life and activities. I am not hindu nor buddhist, but I am open minded and I have found Mudras to be a great way to connect with the universe , your entire Body and soul with just your hands. The universe is made up of 5 elements and each finger represents them: the tumb represents fire , index represents air, middle finger is ether, the ring finger is earth, and the little finger is water. By using mudras you can balance these elements within to create energy and rid oneself of toxins and disease.

The Abhaya mudra (peace mudra)

This mudra is a gesture that represents peace, protection, and the dispelling of fear, as ‘abhaya’ means fearlessness. Notice that the hand is unarmed and friendly. Resistance in its highest state offers these qualities. This gesture can be accompanied by another mudra, one of an open palm, reaching outward, signifying that while we will protect what we hold dear, we uphold a fundamental unity between us. In other words, “I am open to you as a human being.” I found my hand going into this mudra on it’s own when my spirit is asking for it during meditation. I don’t know how to explain it besides a feeling that comes over me and my hand just want to peacefully submit to the universe.  To do Abhaya mudra: just allow your right hand to peacefully float next to you with fingers pointing up as your left hand rests on your left knee palm facing up.

Prana Mudra: (energy mudra)

The Prana mudra activates the dormant energy within the body. This mudra symbolizes the vital energy of prana, and will encourage the flow of this energy, making you feel energized and strong. I use this Mudra all the time when I am cold and have trouble warming back up. To do prana mudra:  place the tips of your thumb, ring finger, and little finger together.

Dhyana Mudra: (yoga mudra)

This mudra provides calming energy for meditation and is used for deep contemplation and reflection. I love this mudra, I have found it to be an very powerful mudra to help concentrate and heal during meditation. The connection of the thumbs also represents the union of male and female principles present in every human being.   To do Dhyana mudra:  place your hands on your lap, left palm under, palms facing up, and the tips of the thumbs touching.

Surya Ravi Mudra: (Earth Mudra)

This mudra represents the earth energy and health, and it provides us with a feeling of balance and has a strong ground effect. It can also help with bringing positive changes into our lives. To do Surya Ravi mudra: Unite the tip of the ring finger and the thumb, and you bring together the elements of fire and earth.

Varun Mudra: (water mudra)

This mudra increase the water element in the body. We are over 60% water so if we are experience any problems due to lack of water like skin drying , dehydration, deficiency of blood, cramps, tongue disorders, diarrhea, etc.  Using this mudra will balance the water throughout your body. To do the Varun Mudra:  touch the tip of the pinky finger to the thumb and keep the remaining three fingers straight.


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