A Boom Blog Book Review: Shoulder Pain?The Solution and Prevention by Dr. Kirsch

This Beautiful Tuesday I will be highlighting this cool book Shoulder Pain? The Solution & Prevention: The Kauai Study (4th edition) by John M Kirsch M.D.. Doctor John M Kirsch, orthopedic surgeon, essentially stopped doing a lot of shoulder surgeries because of the research he has done on Shoulder Prevention Therapy and our ancestral past as brachiators (our swinging primate friends!) I heard about Dr. Kirsch and his book from no other than our favorite podcaster and comedian @joerogan – check it out:  (Episode #868 at the 1:46 mark)

A Boom Blog Book Review: This book is awesome, a quick read, and full of amazing information for anyone trying to relieve shoulder pains for multiple of reasons. Dr. Kirsch leaves you with a simple method of hanging from a pull up bar and a light-weight training routine that you can knock out in 10 -15 minutes everyday or a few days a week depending on your needs. He has prevented shoulder surgeries for 100s of people. (90 patients from the Kauai Study alone! And one 70 year old patient, was schedule for a shoulder replacement surgery and she was able to cancel it and return to daily living activities and cross-country skiing!!!) He also has an amazing website, www.kirschshoulder.com to help you understand the anatomy of the shoulder, when the pictures and the descriptions from the book just are not enough.

Fun Human Body Fact: The human arm weighs 8-10 pounds and they hang from our big bodies all day long, as children we use to swing around on the monkey bars but the older we got the less likely we were to find those bars and Even playgrounds and gyms have eliminated some of the higher bars to swing from unless you are a parkour badass like this dude @parkour_skill. So Dr. Kirsh suggest a simple swing to relive your rotator cuff and  the CA Arch and other connecting joints and tendons that when hanging out these ligaments and tendons are in a relax state -almost stretching and reshaping placing them back to where they should be from the over use or whatever is causing the shoulder pain.

The Hanging routine is for Everyone: Hang from pull up bar (palms out – no chin up position – it does not relax the Rotator cuff and other ligaments) for  5-10 minutes for 15-45 second intervals with breaks in between. Do this as need or everyday if you are trying to get better. Add the light weight training when you are ready.

Light-weight training part: 

Palms always down. 30-45 reps x 1 of each direction (0-10 pounds , increasing weight only as you can complete all reps) Side to over head position / Forward to over head position / extension weight lifting. Palms always down.

The Part on Sleep Apnea: Dr. Kirsch suggests, A lot of sleep apnea symptoms could be relieved by hanging because a lot of sleep apnea people sleep on their back due to shoulder pain which when sleeping on their back causes there tongue to relax when they fall asleep which blocks their airway causing the sleep apnea to occur. So Dr. Kirsch is suggesting by being able to sleep on your shoulders NOW you will get rid of the sleep apnea by no longer sleeping on your back. 

Who Should Read this book?

If you are experiencing any shoulder pain, read this book, it could help. 

If you are experiencing sleep apnea, read this book, it could help.

If you are a human, read this book, it could help.

To save you some time:

Here is the link to the book on Amazon Kindle

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