Do we have to be bee keepers to do something for the bees? 

Do we have to be bee keepers to do something for the bees? 

No, but here are 6 things you can do to be there for the bees: (You can just do 1 or BEE a BADASS Human and do all 5!

And here is a link back to our blog poem post last week: Be there for the bees.

1. Plant bee-friendly/ pollinator friendly perennial and non perennial plants in your yard or put a planter on your porch. (We think perennial plants are better b/c you only have to plant once and maybe add some compost on top once in awhile at the start of each season)

-milk weed, Russian sage, white clover, echinacea, salvia’s, bee-plant, comfrey, and so many more!





2.  Get Bee Educated by watching and listening to documentaries and cool podcasts.

-BEST PODCAST OF 2017 11/7/2017: Paul Stamets on the Joe Rogan Experience -Episode #1035 – Paul Stamets is a mycologist, author and advocate of bioremediation and medicinal fungi aka the mycelium master and fungi guru – Knows how to save our planet and the bees! Listen or watch now <>



Best Documentary : More than Honey  – this is a few years old now but these badass cinematographers were able to get the cameras inside the hive and out on a queen mating flight I am still not sure how they pulled off this footage but it will blow your mind! Plus you will really get to see for yourself how amazing these little creatures are and they deserve our respect.

3. Buy Honey and other bee products from your local bee-keeper. 

-Goto a farmers market or search online for your local honey suppliers

4. Make a Air Bee N Bee or another sweet pollinator friendly nesting home

-This is different than a hive because you are not trying to collect honey, you are just providing a home for all pollinators not just bees.







5. Call a local bee keeper if you come across a swarm! The bee keeper will know what to do and don’t be afraid as long as they have settled they are pretty docile and it is a cool sight to see when in flight and when they land. Plus, they want to live and protect their Queen – and remember if they sting you they die!

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