A Boom Product Review: Force of Nature – the All-purpose cleaning product of the future

A Boom Product Review: Force of Nature – the All-purpose cleaning product of the future. (We don’t get anything for reviewing this product,  this is just one consumer sharing with another.)

There are too many cleaning products on the market and what is even scarier are the chemicals in them could be causing more harm then good to you, your family and your home.  We all want to have a clean home, and a healthy family without bleaching the entire house down or using a product that has 10 chemicals you can’t pronounce. And we must consider all the waste involved with buying a new cleaner every few months or so. PLUS Did you Know There are no federal regulations dictating standards for products labeled “natural”? And  Manufacturers aren’t required to list all their ingredients on product labels.  But don’t be afraid – There are two options, we have found to make your cleaning game safe and get the job done:  The Dr. Wentz Formula from the book The Healthy Home and this New product we just found Force of Nature.

The Dr. Wentz Formula – If you can’t drink it don’t clean with it – This is a home-made cleaning product you can use pretty much around the whole house that can basically clean about everything, but it will leave a white film on your stuff form the baking soda depending on the surface you are cleaning on and how close you stick to the correct ratios of the formula of vinegar to baking soda and water plus lemon. Plus it tends to go bad quickly if you actually put the lemon peels into the bottle which I did for some time. The Dr. Wentz formulas is from the book The Healthy Home: Simple Truths to Protect Your Family From Hidden Household Dangers by Dr Myron Wants and Dave Wentz.  If you haven’t read it ,  I suggest you do so NOW because there is a whole bunch of information on how to clean up your home. The father-and-son team, Dr. Myron Wentz and Dave Wentz walk readers room-by-room through a typical house, pointing out the surprising health risks posed by the everyday products and behaviors of any modern family. Learn the recipe to his cleaning solution plus negative effects of toxins found throughout your home and receive simple solutions to help minimize exposure without foregoing convenience.

Here is the link to The Healthy Home book on amazon

Suggestions : Buy the bulk distilled white vinegar and baking soda from the store, a large spray bottle and add a few fresh lemons once in while into the mix and you will have an inexpensive cleaning product that will last you for a very long time.

The Review: @forceofnatureclean

Countdown timer on Force of Nature.

Force of Nature: The family safe way to clean and deodorize – We just received our Force of Nature starter kit in the mail yesterday and this is the Cleaning product of the future Force of Nature turns salt, water & vinegar into an all-purpose cleaner & deodorizer that’s as effective as bleach with no toxic chemicals.  Force of Nature was created, so that families don’t have to trade off powerful cleaning with safe ingredients. It is a small appliance that turns tap water plus a capsule of salt, water & vinegar into a cleaner & deodorizer that powers through grease, grime, oil, sticky messes, soap scum & odors as effectively as bleach. A natural cleaning product that’s ALLERGY & ASTHMA-FRIENDLY; Force of Nature is rated by the Mayo Clinic to be skin-safe & 100% Top Allergen FreeIt uses electricity to transform salt, water & vinegar into 2 non-toxic cleaning ingredients:  Sodium hydroxide: a common detergent but without the bubbles. Contains a non toxic concentration of .0000003%, yet cleans as well as major brands.  Hypochlorous acid: cleans & deodorizes as effectively as bleach yet non toxic. It is cheaper compared to other household cleaners, SAVE UP TO 80% on every ounce when you switch to Force of Nature and be less impactful on the environment – Force of Nature is kinder to our environment than conventional cleaners & deodorizers in 3 ways: (1) No toxic chemicals to go into the water system. (2) Zero plastic bottles to be transported or disposed of – you simply refill and re-use your spray bottle. Our bottles are free of both BPA & BPS. (3) All shipping materials 100% recyclable.

Activator packs can be store on back of device

The @theboomstead product Review: I cleaned up my kitchen and bathroom this morning and it works great. Plus,  I did one spray down on our scummed up shower doors and it will take a couple attempts, but I am very satisfied with Force of Nature. I love that I am not using any toxic chemicals, it is stronger and more effective than the Dr. Wentz Formula that I have been using for the past 8 years. The starter kit comes with 5 activator capsules, and spray bottle and the device has a two week count down timer on it for when you need to replace the solution because it is no longer activated or potent.  Also, you can subscribe and save to their Force of Nature Cleaning activator capsules (Salt, vinegar solution packets) for convenient delivery right to your door step for $18.99 for 25 count and you pick how often.



Now that’s a clean kitchen – thanks @ForceofNatureClean!

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