A Boom Poem – The Life Connection

Connected to other animals, whether we like it or not! These are not dog tracks, we were away from @theboomstead during this snow storm and we came home to the tracks circling the property and chicken coop. (We think it is a mountain “prairie” lion, Any guesses?, comment your answer below)

We are all connected,

Whether we believe it or not.

So don’t Get caught,

Being a greedy F$&!


Take the time for yourself,

To explore within and around.

Don’t spend too much time,

With a frown.


Turn it upside down –

Smile more, you dummy.

If you didn’t catch the drift,

Ride the wave of self discovery,

Scratch the itch,

To see you are the creator of your own emotions and dreams.

Connect and ground your self everyday,

The ego – will have its Way,

With all of us, I’m afraid .

So it’s up to you to:

Breath –

Dig deep, to understand,

The network of humans ways and needs.


Be there for one another,

We come from the same elements of the past,

And our differences are the same,

and the potential for future days,

Will only remain,

If we take care of these crazy ways.


Time is up, Know what weighs, or time will waste.

Understand it’s better to be the Producer,

than an over consumer.

The creator of your ways and days.

Extravagant and elaborate –

Can be Minimalistic and simplistic,

It’s all in perspective.

No longer connected to the man, but connected to the land,

Now Seeing the true nature of all living things and fellow man.


Not meant to sit in a box,

But living out of the box.

Discovering The Connection of all living things,

In and beneath our feet,

So breath,

In and out.

Find your passion –

Or life will no longer keep its connection.


@Traconanda 2-12-18

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