2019…Setting Positive, Impactful Intentions and Goals for Abundance and Growth all year long!

Do you have a theme set to conquer 2019? We are all a week into the new year, have you set your resolutions and goals for the year? Or Better Yet, are you a week into meeting your New Years goals and making your life better? I have my intentions to be and create a more positive impact in this world and allow abundance and growth to come into my daily life along with…

Main Goal In Life: Do Something in Nature everyday! This is on a Shred Day @Breckendridgemtn

Some Personal Goals of Mine:

  • #108daysofmeditationandyoga
  • Blog at least once a week,
  • Get 2018 taxes done asap,
  • Try new things this year like rock climb, 1st hunting trip, & _________?
  • Plus, hike, bike, and shred my face off.
  • Less Talk, More Sex…I think we can all use that!

Boom Inc Goals:

Our Mile High Micro Greens featured on a Holiday Charcuterie Spread! Peashoots, Boom Basic Mix and Rambo Radish Micros in pic!
  • Keep Boom Sports Booming aka all new and old kids/families happy and coming back for more
  • Connect with 100s of local families and local restaurants with our new micro farm @milehighmicrogreens.info.
  • Help, Connect & Support with like minded people and business
  • 1-2 workshops @theboomstead

Along with many other things.

What a beautiful Sunset – I See this and Know 2019 will be an abundant year for us @theboomstead – This will be Year 2 for us growing food in our off-grid Kitchen Garden & Greenhouse!!
  • Grow more food
  • Be better at composting daily (especially at family get togethers)
  • Stay organized aka hang up clothes when I don’t wear them
  • Practice archery
  • Draw more
  • Overall be a kinder, calmer, happier person than I was the day before.
Our Almost Done Sauna… Just needs the wood burning stove and flue installed but we are waiting on professional help. DIY can only go so far!

Plus, all of our boomstead goals/tasks:

  • Fix frozen broken pipes
  • Finish Sauna
  • Finish New raised boxes for Kitchen garden
  • Complete Pond Garden layout with paths and designated growing areas
  • Get 1st hive thru 1st winter & add top bar hive in spring
  • Plant more trees!
  • Build a Chicken Tractor
  • 1-2 Boomstead/ Permaculture Workshops
  • Have lots of Cob Oven Pizza Parties and Crawfish Boils

Setting your goals can be hard! Know what you want and what makes you happy and that should help you lay out the things that matter to you most on paper.

Top 3 ways to Meet your Goals for the 2019 Year:

1.)Write Your intentions and goals down! I have found the #inkandvolt planner to be the thing that helps me stay organized and on track for the year. Boom Tip: There are a ton of journals out there, I suggest googling “Best Planners for 2019” and you will find a bunch and one that fits your personality type.

2.) Breath and Visualize with Gratitude what you want out of each day. This will work in any situation.

  • Start your day with a big deep breath, even with your eyes closed while laying in your bed. Be grateful from your head to your toes, your life, your significant other and anything else that comes to mind.
  • Walking in Gratitude is the first step towards happiness and having more to be grateful for.
  • Now visualize your day going exactly how you want and just go with it.
  • Even if something doesn’t go as planned take a full deep breath, remember your end goals, wants, dreams and move on.
  • Try to add a 10 minute meditation into your daily practice. Eyes open or shut, both can be a special and enlightening experience.

3.) Just Do…Life Takes Action.

  • If you aren’t a good reader…Open up a fucking book and start reading.
  • Have an addiction problem, Dr. Wayne Dyer Suggests this, an addict himself, (Tell yourself “I will not have a drink today” and say that to yourself tomorrow, or replace “drink” with anything you are addicted to.)
  • If you are Lazy as shit, just sit up and out of your chair 10 times today and then maybe tomorrow try to walk around your block. Then start moving towards the bigger daunting goals of a 5k or completing an Iron Man

We are all on this wild ride called life and it is up to you to slow it down or let it keep flying past you, it will not wait for you to take a breath or for you to become aware of that fact that you are a spiritual being capable of completing a lot more than you think.

This seems to her a recurring theme in my life and..we should all take note. PLUS, I always heard it growing up, but now I seem to believe it more and more with life experience. Especially when science can back it up. Life is 90% attitude and 10% what actually happens.

So. put your heart and soul into everything and you will come out happy with or without anything.

Enjoy the shitty moments, make your glass have full and all the other cliches that keep the positive good vibes flowing.

Make it a Booming Year!!