Take 5 for Friday 2/22/19 – A weekly blog Highlighting Permaculture Projects, Podcasts, Products, Plants and People Booming our life every week!

Take 5 for Friday :

A Frozen Chicken Coop but happy chooks on a Friday Morning on the Boomstead! Permaculture Projects wait and soak up the snow for a green, abundant spring!!!

(1) 2019 Boomstead Projects

Pumped and Proud to say our Boomstead Sauna is Done!!! We Finished our Sauna a couple weeks ago and have had 3 successful sauna days. We can get the sauna up to about 150-160 F degrees. According to Dr. Rhoda Patrick the optimal dry sauna temp is any temp above 178 and 200 Degrees F for 30 minutes 4 x a week to receive the ultimate anti aging benefits. Go checkout her article about saunas here. We need to get a proper tea kettle and I think we will hit the 170+ F mark.

An 8×8 Dry Heat Sauna – A Boom DIY ebook: Build you own dry heat sauna for under 5k coming soon!
Hungry chickens on a cold winter morning. Excited for food scraps and fresh water!

Our main boomstead winter project: Operation – keep chickens alive – we have broken pipes and a broken water heater, which leaves us living in my parents basement temporarily. (Last winter, we stayed way more at the tiny house dealing with frozen pipes, showering up at my parents before heading to the land and/or taking advantage of warm winter days when we could. This year however, we can officially call our tiny house a dry cabin until our water heater gets repaired. The funny thing is the water heater broke on a 55 degree warm and sunny day. So, this is our third winter on the boomstead and we are coming to the realization that we can’t homestead here in the winter until we build an Earthship an/or walipini that will help with the extreme weather changes we experience. With us staying with my parents in their basement we drive back in the mornings to switch the chicken’s frozen water out and top off their feeder. Thank God for our neighbors whom help out a couple times a week, but we try not to depend on them to be our daily chicken keepers. All 10 chickens are very tough and they love to get out the coop for a dust bath in the warm greenhouse if I have the time. Also, we are very grateful for our neighbors help over this cold Colorado winter. 

The UrbanBoomstead Coming Soon…We are humbled to say we have put an offer in on a Denver house to have an urban homestead and micro farm that will still support us on our mission to live entrepreneurial permaculture lives. We believe by having this additional urban-boom-homestead we will be able to create a bigger community connection and be able to offer more work shops @theboomstead aka our Boom Perma Garden Nursery/acreage along with creating a better focus on using permaculture to restore the prairie.

Side Boomstead Beekeeping note: This is our first winter with our first bee hive. So far so good, we have had some bee die off; but they seem to be alive and well, buzzing and searching for water and nectar on warm 55 plus degree days. We stacked straw bales around their hive as a wind break; I purchased a bee cozy that I never put over their hive (This product seems like a gimmick after purchasing it) and I was unable to switch their door around to the smaller setting on my last hive check back in October. Although I love Being a suit-less, gloveless, veil-less natural bee keeper , it leaves me vulnerable to their butts and I was stung like 5x and closed up shop quickly before I was able to do the door switch-a-roo. It does not seem to have slowed them down. I gave them one sugar feeding in January. The weather has been too cold when I am around to open up the hive. We will know more when the weather warms up.  

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(3) Products We Use to Boom Our Life: 

Force of Nature  – The best all natural, non-toxic cleaner that we use everyday and you should too. We even use it to clean our growing trays @milehighmicrogreens.info. Force of Nature only uses 3 ingredients: water, salt and vinegar but charged up to become a new ingredient just as effective as bleach but safe for babies and pets. Click Here & Use code “FEBSAVE” to get 30% off Extra Value Bundles (Starter Kit + 25 extra Capsules) AND free shipping!!!

Avocado Mattress – We have it in the mail , it’s made in the U.S. and it is the most sustainable, safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly, no VOC, mattress on the market with a vegan option. Want the best mattress on the planet at a discount? Click here You get $150 off and we get $50 if you love and keep the mattress after the 100 day risk-free trial!

Earthing Sheet – We don’t get anything for mentioning these sheets yet, but we have used them for the last 5 years and love them and I feel the difference when I don’t have them on the bed. So if you don’t have any time to spend in nature for grounding aka “earthing” then this sheet is for you. You plug this sheet in to the grounding part of any outlet, that’s right you plug your sheet into the wall (FYI: they send you an outlet checker to make sure your outlet is grounded, but it should be if your house is new) and then theoretically you sleep all night connected to the earth. Your feet have the most nerve endings than any area in your body so you can also just buy the smaller sheet meant for you feet area to save some bucks. 

(4)Podcasts You Need to Start Listening too in 2019:

Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger –  One of my best friends @themommykeys suggested this podcast to me and let me tell you @jennakutcher and her podcast our the bomb.com. Jenna is a self-made millionaire doing awesome fucking things with her life!! If you are an entrepreneur or need help with productivity tips, time hacks, social media strategies and so much more go listen to her now.

Meditate & Move PodcastCo-Hosts Ian & Miles teach you how to have Strong Body and Happy Mind in this hectic world we live in. Touching on a wide range of topics from meditation, nutrition, relationships, drugs, exercise, travel, supplementation, and amazing people doing amazing things with their mind and body. Check out the January 16th episode with David Morin and How Tragedy Can shape and Inspire Your Greatness. 

5 am Miracle with Jeff SandersThis podcast is a great way to boom your mornings at make the most out of it. Learn insights into time management, how to make the first two hours of your morning the most productive part of your day and so many other ways to time-hack your morning.

Joe Rogan if you haven’t already started to listening to The Joe Rogan Experience, the perfect time is now you have so many good podcasts to go back and listen too on top of all the good weekly content he puts out. My favorite Joe Rogan Podcasts: Paul Stamets, Mike Tyson, Dr. Rhonda Kirtpatrick, Sleep study one, Killer Mike, Dr Weil, and Ben Greenfield. But there are 1000s in the archives and/or go look up your favorite person and maybe he has interviewed them!!! 

(5) Plants for Profit – Learn how to grow the plants below and you could have a side micro farm business that is booming.

  1. Ginseng – Although it can take up to 6 years to harvest for consumption growers can make as much as $100,000 on a half-acre plot from seeds, rootlets and mature roots
  2. Gourmet Mushrooms – There are to many to name but specifically oyster and shiitake mushrooms can produce up to 25 pounds per square foot of growing space area each year. When selling direct to the consumer, such as restaurants or at Farmer’s Markets, oysters can bring in $7 per pound. That means a 10 x 10 square foot patch of mushrooms can bring in $17,500 per season. 
  3. Bamboo – can grow up to 2 ft in a 24 hour period, and It is not just a tropical plant there are winter hardy bamboo varieties and Many bamboo nurseries are reporting solid sales of potted bamboo at prices up to $200 per plant.
  4. Herbs – Restaurants want fresh local herbs, that you could grow and sell  yourself @$5-$10 per oz.  Here are the top 10 herbs restaurants want: 
    1. Basil 
    2. Chives
    3. Cilantro
    4. Oregano 
    5. Parsley
    6. Catnip
    7. Chamomile
    8. Lavender
    9. Marsh Mallow
    10. St. John’s Wort
  5. Cannabis – take your pick and you will have a profitable plant. Go down the hemp train and you have a mature plant for sale every quarter and With a yield of about one pound per plant and up to 2,500 plants per acre, that’s around $60,000 per acre Or go down the marijuana path and you will have competitors and need capital to enter this market place but some dispensaries are reporting profits that compare to Apple store profit margins in terms of annual revenue per square foot. 
  6. Microgreens – checkout @milehighmicrogreens.info ; we have been open for 4 months growing and distributing micros to local residents and restaurants and we make anywhere between $4-10 per oz we sell!!!!

And A Boom Motto to live by: 

Be the one who remains calm when shit hits the fan!

Have a booming weekend!!! We drove up to Breck this afternoon and I am posting this blog post from my in-laws cozy, comfy Breckendrige, CO cabin. It’s time to get our shred sticks on and ride this weekend the powder is nice, white and ready for some snow bunnies!!