Take 5 for Friday 3/1 – A weekly blog on all things permaculture, projects, podcasts, people, products, and more!!!

A quick Tuesday morning boomstead pic; half moon; I was letting the chooks out before I started the sauna up!!

This is your Take 5 for Friday, 3-1-2019, where you get all the info you need on permaculture, projects, podcasts, people who are crushing life, products that are good for you AND THE ENVIRONMENT, and so much more!!!  

1. @theBoomstead projects: 

Guy and I have been happily married for 6 years and been living on the boomstead for 3 years. Thursday was our 6 year anniversary and we kept it mellow because we have big plans this year and every penny saved counts!!   But this year has by far been our harshest winter on the boomstead, despite our frozen pipes and a broken water heater which broke on a 55+ degree  F  day  (Our new tankless water heater arrived in the mail this week) our Tiny House does stay warm and dry during this cold Colorado winter!!  (Thank God for my parents and their basement for more than one reason!!!) 

This is Thursday mornings sunrise 2/28 when I am driving back to the boomstead to hook up the chooks with unfrozen water while Guy harvests mile high micro greens and bakes bread in Lonetree!!

Operation Keep Chickens alive for the winter is going great. The chickens enjoy us being home on Monday’s to let them out for some chicken flights and dust bathing in the greenhouse and around the property. Most of them have finished molting and I think they are all laying eggs again and if we drive back and stay on the land Monday mornings after we sow seeds for @milehighmicrogreens.info  we can squeeze 2- 30 minutes sauna’s in.  Which is awesome!! The Sauna is beautiful and it is working great and we are able to crank it up to 190 F degrees within an hours time. 

Our Sauna is badass, we did our 4th and 5th sauna of 2019 this week and we got it up to 190 F plus degrees; Side note: I listened to the podcasts I mentioned below while I was chicken keeping and heating up the sauna!!

Another boomstead bonus in the winter are the fun Polaris rides through the snow all around the neighborhood! Tune into @theboomstead if you want to catch us on a Polaris ride tearin’ up the prairie, working in the garden, on another boomstead project or in the cob oven havin’ another pizza party!! 

Chickens happy to be out on a Tuesday morning Free Ranging theboomstead before we head into coach some kiddos @boomsportskids

Also,  We looked at more urban Denver boomstead locations today, or I guess just one property on 3-1-18 Friday afternoon and made an offer on another place we fell in love with, the Denver market is tight, so a boom buyers tip: if the place you are looking at feels right and you’re pre-approved go for it. And no need to stress the universe will bring you to your house or at least that Is what we believe. 

2. Permaculture News: 

If you don’t know what permaculture is meet Geoff Lawton, The Father of Online Permaculture courses. He is a Student Of Bill Mollison, the Father of Permaculture and My husband Guy is a student of Geoff Lawton he took his online Permaculture Design Course in 2014 and it has changed our life. Right now Geoff has a four part documentary that he is giving 100% free access too, and this Masterclass will guide you through the what, why and how of permaculture. Go check it out for FREE while it lasts!!!!

3. Podcasts that will blow your mind and change your life!! 

Meat Head Hippie 

Oh my my my Ms. Emily Schomm puts out a legit podcast every week. Last week I listen to Episode #90 she had the host Nikki Eisenhauer on from the podcast “Emotional Badass” on and it really hit home when it comes to being an empath and taking on too much at once and overcoming your past to take on your future. Go listen. 

And now this week I went back to Episode #89 when Emily had on Ms. Emily Fletcher who just released her new book on 2/19: “Stress Less Accomplish More” which I Listened too on audible this week because the podcast was just that good!!!! Thanks to both Emily’s!!! Go listen now and start changing your life with both each Emily’s podcast and audiobook!! 

The Joe Rogan Experience #1245- Everyone should listen to this podcast before you vote in the next election come 2020!

Joe interviews Andrew Yang who is Running for President in 2020. Future President Yang Wants to pass universal income and prepare everyone for the future of A.I. and the massive turnover in jobs we are about to face with the advancement in technology. One thing Yang brings up to Joe that is sticking with me after finishing the podcast this afternoon is: If Elon Musk is predicting this Robotic jobless future, then why wait to take action? I have a good feeling when Andrew Yang is President he will help our Country adapt and grow like it should be. Trust us this podcast is well worth your time!! 

(4 )Audio books: 

Stress Less, Accomplish More by Emily Fletcher.  Listen to this book now, It will change your mind to the possibility of a meditation practice and how it is scientifically proven to change your life.  if you don’t have the money to buy her book right now, Just send me an email if you have never subscribed to audible than I can email you a link for a free download of her audible copy!! 

(5) Products

Of Course I have todo a Force of Nature Shout out. This cleaner is so safe and non-non-toxic you can spray your toothbrush with it to disinfect it!

Go checkout the science behind their electrolyzed water and why Force of Nature is safest non-toxic cleaner on the whole damn planet.


Remember to use this discount link when you decide to make the best cleaning decision of your life!! “KITFORTY”  to get $40 off Starter Kits + free shipping.

Cool meditation app: 

I have used this app a couple times and its FREE so what do have to lose? Insight timer – you can set the time and free style your meditation or dive deep pick the time you have and use one of their guided meditations. 

Or Try 

This website is for what Emily Fletcher has coined “The Z-method” and after listening to her book I am tempted to purchase her program, but I need to save up some money for her $400 program. So what happens when you take time to meditate each day, twice a day for 15 minutes? Emily claims you start to change your life in more ways than one, from productivity to less stress, to improved health, better sex life, and the list goes on. But it all start by taking control over your unconscious breath and decisions that you make each day through the power of committing to a legit twice a day mediation practice. 

Fun Micro Farm Fact:

“By 2050, 70 percent of the global population will live in cities. As both a social imperative and a practical matter, it makes sense to grow food near these cities, rather than to waste time and resources delivering products from hundreds or even thousands of miles away.” IN steps our new company @milehighmicrogreens.info. We grow and deliver fresh living micro green trays and/or harvested containers to local Colorado residents and restaurants. Send us and email to order if you are a Colorado local!! 

If you want to read more Go checkout the rest of this great article about How Millennials Will Forever Change America’s Farmlands

Before you shut you eyes tonight, Ponder this fact: 

Your breath is something you can consciously control but unconsciously do… So what should you do with this super power?  Change your life right meow by starting a daily twice a day 15 minute practice that focuses on your breath, mindfulness, meditation and manifestation.  

HAVE A BOOMING WEEKEND !! I know we will! We are back in Breckendrige, CO about to Shred our faces off. They got 6 inches today and it’s calling for more snow this weekend. Get out there and do something in nature !!