5 Healthy Habits you can start doing now to become the ultimate Parent for your children to become ultimate kids!

 Keep in mind, we don’t have kids, but we do coach hundreds of them every month @boomsportskids.  Our advice is coming from our youth coaching experience. And these are five healthy habits that will change your life and empower you as a parent.

Just another day feeding fake bananas and pretend mud-bug pizza or smoothies to our little soccer ballers @boomsportskids!! This is our 18month – 3 year old boom soccer class!!! So much Fun pretending, learning about soccer and so much more!

We have been coaching for 10 plus years now to ages 18 months -10 years old and the one thing we love the most about kids is their eagerness to learn.

With that at hand, it is up to us as Role Models to show children how to live and help them by teaching them the skills they need to become a good human.

Here are 5 healthy habits you can start doing yourself that your child will mimic too. 

1. If you stay tidy and use some basic organization skills your child will see this and want to do the same. Plus you can make Laundry day a group folding activity!!

2. If you eat healthy your child will eat healthy. Teaching your child the ins and outs of eating healthy fats, grass fed protein and fresh fruits and vegetables and keeping those crazy candies and sugars to minimum will be the best thing you can do for them and yourself as they grow up. 

3. If you Drink More Water and Less Sugar Drinks, so will your kids!! You and Your Child will thank us later, but neither one of you need any type of sugar but that found naturally in fruits and vegetables. Don’t allow soda to be in your house and make water your top priority. Invest in a Berkey Water Filter and show your kids how important it is to drink clean safe water regularly. You should at least be drinking  .5-1oz per pound of body weight. So I weigh 135 that means in needs to be drinking 67.5oz-135 oz of water per day. 

4. If you do something outside on the weekends like a walk, hike, bike, garden, snowboard, so will your kids if you bring them along. The first 4 options are free, so don’t let budget slow you down for you and your family to go do something outside in nature together everyday!!! Even if it’s cold outside bundle up and go have an hour of outdoor fun!

5. If you read more and watch less ________ (Fill in the blank with TV, Netflix, youtube, social media, email, video games, etc) so will your kids. Be the ultimate role model by portraying the behaviors you want to see in your kids. 

Tips for successful habit creation: 

Make Habits Fun, Easy to implement, Reward yourself when you complete a hard task/habit and Don’t get overwhelmed adding new healthy habits in to your life. Take it one habit at a time and keeping adding new ones as the new habit becomes part of your day to day. 

Having trouble creating healthy habits for yourself? Go checkout James Clear book Atomic Habits An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones, this book will help you create the mind-shift you need to see where your bad habits are and how to start creating some good ones. 

 AND if you don’t have time to read or listen to his book go check out his FREE BONUS section on parenting.

Until next time keep being mindful, being active, and apply permaculture techniques to all parts of your life.


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