Take 5 for Friday 4-12-19: A Blog Highlighting Permaculture Projects, People, Places, Products, Events and More!

(1)Permaculture Projects happening @theboomstead:

Milkweed plants are self-propagating in Zone 1 @ theboomstead

We were able to get a sauna in on Monday but we had to leave the land a little earlier than normal on Tuesday so we skipped the sauna on Tuesday AM. We started working on the pathways in our Pond Garden by laying down landscape fabric to block out the weeds, we need to call Santa Fe Gravel and get a 16tons of pea-gravel shipment delivered ( we do the max delivery because it saves on shipping and it will be used) We didn’t quite finish because we ran out of fabric, we will get more and continue the project next week. We also did some broad forking on the area where we will plant more trees, perennial plants, cover crops. Broad forking allows for air to penetrate underneath the soil and break up the top prairies grasses and rooting systems to help the new plants establish in grown on this hard clay prairie soil. We broad forked for a couple hours last monday and will probably need to a couple more hours to finish the area. Restoring Nature takes time and doesn’t care how tired you are.

(2)A recap of our Colorado Crawfish boils: If you are curious about throwing your own Colorado crawfish boil, we can help. We have the skills and the pot to help you get your boil on you just pay for the crawfish and a small fee for our service!! Checkout our crawfish blog from last year and/or email us for more info. 

Helping Serving Up lbs. of shrimp or crawfish or a combo pound for the Country Club Tower Residents

Here is a Recap of our first 2 crawfish boils so far this year: 

This Crawfish boiler was borrowed for the party from another NOLA-CO Local who loves to throw a good boil and it is super cool, the lid rotates completely over and turns into a slide to dump the crawfish out on to a serving tray when they are cooked and ready to eat!!

Saturday 4/6 & Sunday 4/7 was such a fun weekend. The first Colorado Crawfish boils of 2019! After 10 years of throwing crawfish boils our expertise came in handy, when @cheftem and the country club’s first annual crawfish boil asked for our help. We stepped up and we threw down. What a fun event, serving crawfish to locals and listening to good music, eating over-nighted shipped in crawfish and shrimp.  (Side Sustainability Note: Okay this is where Colorado crawfish boils and sustainability cross paths. People have know fucking clue where their food comes from and how far it travels and what happens to it when you don’t eat it. I would like to say , I was able to collect all 300 lbs. of shells/ spilled shrimp crawfish from the event to compost but I wasn’t prepared and sadly all shells and cooked food was tossed. Side Landfill News: We do have mushroom eating plastics in this world; But that still leaves us humans responsible for this mega impact. I am very proud to have helped at an event like this but don’t get me wrong I  am not sure how responsible it is to throw a crawfish boil with a bunch of fucking Coloradians who don’t even know how to eat crawfish, and how much gas is used to ship or environmentally sound it is to be shipping these mud bugs nationally/ maybe even internationally; And now I need to do so more research to find if a Colorado Crawfish company is a legitimate idea. However, economically, this does support a Louisiana crawfish company to be nationally profitable, along with creates an opportunity for shipping companies and local Colorado companies to put on a fun unique community event. 

So that’s where I feel we come into play. @milehighmicrogreens.info – the farmers helping out at the event and aka @theboomstead who know how to throw a good crawfish boil in fact our engagement party 7 years ago was a crawfish boil.  So when I heard 60+lbs. living crawfish was about to be thrown away at the end of Saturday, just writing this makes me upset and sick to my stomach.(We have such a disregard for food and and over regard for ourselves and convenience.) So we stepped up and took the crawfish cooler into the Prius and boom bang boom an impromptu crawfish boil was planned for Sunday with BEST FRIENDS!  2 batches, lots of fun with kiddos and friends and With a little extra peeling and no eating we walked a way with 10 lbs. of peeled ready to eat crawfish tails to have for a couple nights of left over crawfish meals like crawfish enchiladas , crawfish quesadillas, crawfish étouffée and crawfish Penne. Two families 4 plus meals , all crawfish was eaten!! We are some lucky little bitches. 

(3) Podcasts every entrepreneur should be listening too: Entrepreneurs on Fire & 5am Miracle.  One things for sure these podcasts will keep you motivated, and keep the ideas flowing as entrepreneurs. There is more info packed into these interviews and podcasts each week. I always walk away with a new idea that will help keep my business thriving. I don’t care what your business is these podcasts will help fire you up for the day and spark a new thought that keeps the revenue coming and your customers happy.  Go check these two podcasts out The 5am Miracle with Jeff Sanders and Entrepreneurs on Fire with John Lee Dumas. 

(4)Is your all-purpose cleaner electric? Why are you still wasting money on buying more than one of those regular toxic house hold cleaners every single month? So, Last year our lives changes when it comes to cleaning our house, our cars and our greenhouse. We found the Force of Nature and it is the greatest, non-toxic cleaner we have ever used and it is children and pet safe. Plus it is just as effective as bleach without the bleach!! Please use this link to get $40 off & free shipping on Starter Kits, valid through April. The code is: Kit40
The Starter kit includes the device that sends the electrical current through the solution plus 25 packets which is 3+ months of all-purpose cleaning solution!! And the peace of mind that you are not cleaning your house with a neurotoxin. 

(5)BOOM BLUE LIGHT BLOCKING GLASSES SHOUTOUT:  @ladybossglasses – we don’t usually shout out two products but this one is worth mentioning alongside Force of Nature; because these babies our a force to be reckon with. It’s time we step into the future and block some blue light so we can build some melatonin our sleep hormone as the night approaches and we are still hard at work on our blue light screens which inhibits melatonin products. Whether it’s a iPad or a computer or a late night movie – put on your blue light blockers and keep the creative juices flowing until it’s time to go beddy-bye my friends and have the best night of sleep every night. Don’t let your creative energy get in the way of you having a good night’s sleep upgrade your eyes with blue-light blocking glasses. 

I try to put my Lady boss glasses on in the afternoon when I know I am going to be getting a lot of screen time in plus it ups my hipster swag like 100%.

Have A Booming Week!! Thanks for Reading. 


P.S. Denver Urban Boomstead Bees coming 5/4!!! This past weekend I went to my first bee keeping class in preparation for my second year in beekeeping. I will write a post this week about my first year in bee keeeping and what to expect if you are thinking about becoming a backyard beekeeper. Sorry for the Late Take 5 – Happy Monday – Shine Bright and Boom Life everyday!

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