Take 5 for Friday:  1-19-18 

(1.) Podcasts we listened to this week:  All Joe this week – he just crushes it by creating real conversations with so many BADASS HUMANS! Joe Rogan Experience #1064  Eddie Huang &  – conversations on Net Neutrality discussing Internet control   and how broadband providers now have legal rights to block sights, throttle internet speeds, […]

A New Year, A fresh new Blog coming to you…

A BOOM (PERMACULTURE)life.com – Sustaining life by Entrepreneurial, Mindfulness and Permaculture techniques. Welcome to A Boom (Permaculture) Life: Hi my name is Traci Mitchell and my husband Guy and I our successful Entrepreneurs and Permaculture Designers. We own a Company called Boom Inc. that sustains our life and helps us pursue our goals of homesteading and […]