Permaculture needs Meditation

If we want to change the world we must change ourselves first  We sit to be , We sit to feel, We sit to do, We sit to love, We sit to speak, We sit to see , We sit to understand. @Traconanda Meditation when done properly is something that never stops. Living mindfully in our breath, in our actions, in our […]

A New Year, A fresh new Blog coming to you…

A BOOM (PERMACULTURE) – Sustaining life by Entrepreneurial, Mindfulness and Permaculture techniques. Welcome to A Boom (Permaculture) Life: Hi my name is Traci Mitchell and my husband Guy and I our successful Entrepreneurs and Permaculture Designers. We own a Company called Boom Inc. that sustains our life and helps us pursue our goals of homesteading and […]

All About Boom Yoga and Why Kids need it?!?!

Boom Yoga’s Mission: Teaching Children Mindful Movements & Peaceful Actions. Boom Yoga presents the 8 limbs of yoga right on the mat in a fun way for kids incorporating Asanas (yoga postures) , Pranayama (breathing exercises), along with active movements, games and we always give time for looking inward (Pratyahara) and Dhyana or meditation. Class […]