Boom Mala 3 – $100

Boom Mala 3 – I am Creativity  – Click Here to Buy Boom Mala 3 Ahrah Kahrah awakens the energy of creativity , transformation and materialization Gemstone Description: White Agate stone of hope , balances yin & yang energy, wear for protection, strength, healing, calming and harmony. Gives emotional strenght, self confidence; Enhances creativity, intellect, good […]

Boom Mala 1 – $100

What’s so cool about Boom Malas? All Boom Mala profits goes towards planting trees @ our Boom Sports headquarters in Agate, CO. Also they are hand-made, knotted malas not just strung beads.  Boom Mala 1 was handmade & finished 3/4/2016. It is ready to be shipped to your doorstep from CO ! Why Buy a […]